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Related post: Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 10:27:42 +0100 (BST) From: Steve Rose Subject: RETURN FROM pedo cp site CRETE - 4DISCLAIMER:This is a story. It is a sequel to my earlier story Adventure in Crete. None of the characters in the story free pedofilia gallery exist and the events that take place are purely imaginary. WARNING:Do not read this story if you are in any way offended by acts of a homosexual nature.Do not read this if you are under the legal age for accessing adult sites.Always indulge in safe sex.RETURN FROM CRETE - 4Paul Featherstone had been at teacher of modern languages at the school for four years. He was tall, dark and extremely good looking and was popular amongst the boys and respected by the staff. Paul would go far as a teacher and everyone wished him well. Paul was also ambitious and wanted to succeed but he knew that if he was to do so he must keep his sexual interests and desires under firm control. He succeeded in doing so for the first two years of his teaching career ilegal pedophile pictures but one fateful summer afternoon, he crossed the line both in a professional and a legal sense.Paul was walking round the school fields and had just passed the old science labs building when he felt the urge to go to the toilet. He entered the building and made straight for the toilets and went in. Paul quietly closed the door of his cubicle and sat down. As he did so he became aware of a regular slapping sound coming from the cubicle next door and also a slight muttering sound. Paul decided to investigate, although he had a good idea what was going on: someone was in the next cubicle and having a wank! Paul's cock had begun to harden at the thought of the mysterious wanker next door. He got up and climbed onto the toilet seat and looked over the wall into the next cubicle.Paul looked down and all he could really see was a blond head and a hand pedo girls free pics stroking the length of a hard teenage cock fast and furiously. The boy was so intent on his masturbation that he was completely unaware that he was being observed and by one of his teachers as well. Paul loved the sight of the teenager wanking his cock with such enthusiasm and his own cock was aching for attention. As toplist pedo pix he watched Paul grasped hold of the shaft of his hard cock, rolled the foreskin back off the head and began to stroke it my little sisters pedo slowly. It was this that gave Paul away as he hit the partition wall with his hand and this caused the startled teenager in the next door cubicle to look round and see him. The teenager reacted like a rabbit caught in the headlights and immediately let go of his cock and began to hurriedly dress himself. Paul got his first real glimpse of the teenager's beautiful uncut cock. Although he had not taught him, Paul recognised Frank McAdam as he was a pupil in Year 10 and he had recently marked one of his projects for French. The boy had done well in the work and Paul was pleased to see that his interests stretched beyond the purely academic! Paul looked at the flustered pupil and smiled at him,"Don't stop on my account! I was rather enjoying the view!! In fact if you like, I would not mind giving you a helping hand!!"Frank looked back and quietly nodded his head. Paul smiled at the pupil and then got off the toilet seat, zipped up his trousers and left the cubicle. The teacher stood outside the door to Frank's cubicle and waited. Frank knew there was no escape. He had been caught red-handed and had to face the music. Fully dressed but very shaken, Frank emerged from his cubicle and immediately recognised the teacher. At this point both Frank and Paul knew that their next move would be critical and they knew in their heads that they should each walk away and forget what had happened. However, neither seemed able to do that and they allowed their hearts and their sexual desire to rule their heads. Frank made little attempt to hide the pedophil pictures large bulge amateur pedofilia in his illegal pedo pay site school trousers and Paul made an equally weak bdsm pedo photo effort to disguise his own mounting excitement. Frank stared for a second at Paul's tented trousers and then nodded his head. Seeing Frank's reaction and acquiescence, Paul immediately gave him a reassuring smile. Paul took charge and quietly said,"Look I'm not going to shop you and free videos young pedofilia you're not going to shop me. Let's finish what you started, but not here. I know a much quieter place."Paul led the way out of the toilets and Frank followed. They walked along the corridor and down another one before stopping outside a small discretely hidden doorway. Paul opened the door to reveal baby pedo sex stories a small but very useful bathroom. The teacher led the way into the room and Frank quickly stepped in after him. As soon as they were both inside the room, Paul closed and russian child pedofilia locked the door. Paul reached over and used one hand to rub against the swollen shaft of Frank's cock and the other to gently unzip the pupil's trousers. Frank enjoyed the sensation of the teacher's hand on his cock and the thought that soon he would be putting his hand inside the school trousers and grasping the firm skin of his erection. Frank wanted to reciprocate and reached over and began to unzip Paul's trousers and push his hand inside. By now Paul had already got his hands inside Frank's underpants and was boy collection pedo forcing them and his trousers off and over his hips. This gave Paul his first real close up of Frank's beautiful smooth uncut cock with its foreskin only half free movi pedo sex covering his pinkish glans. Paul would really have liked to suck Frank's cock right there and then but he was concerned that he might scare the young teen away and so he just gave the cock a squeeze and then looked up and smiled at Frank. Frank was thrilled at the chance to touch and feel his sexy teacher's throbbing erection. Frank pulled Paul's trousers down to his ankles and was pleased to see the biggest dick he had ever seen appear before him. Paul's cock, like his own, was uncut but most of the foreskin had rolled off the purple glans. Paul pulled Frank closer to him and pressed the two dicks together so that they were squeezed flat against their stomachs. Both teacher and pupil could feel the other person's erection pressing against them. Paul knew that they could not pedo fuck movie little be in the bathroom for long as the cleaners would soon be around the building. Slightly reluctantly Paul pulled back and began to wank Frank's soft, silky shaft with slow sensuous movements. Frank had a dreamy kiddy child pedo look in his eyes as his teacher brought him ever closer to orgasm. No to be outdone, Frank reciprocated by grasping the teacher's bulging dick and wanking him fast and hard. In a few moments, both Frank and Paul were breathing hard and it was clear that they were about to cum. Paul could feel his pupil's foreskin moving slickly over the pre-cum-covered head of Frank's cock. At the same time Paul could also feel the Frank's shaft expand and begin to twitch as the teenage boy cream prepared to fly out of the angry piss slit. Frank was moaning loudly with pleasure and pain as the exquisite feeling of impending orgasm raced through his body and he slowed his naked pedo sex guestbook wanking action on Paul's dick. It was one of the most intense feelings he brazilian pedo sex had ever experienced and Frank enjoyed the moment of release as cum flew out of his cock and splattered over his teacher's hands and chest and then as the intensity eased began to run down Frank's own shaft. The sight of Frank cumming set Paul on the inexorable trail to release and, although Frank's hand was only gently wanking his shaft, the teacher's dick began to throb uncontrollably and fire its own creamy jizz in illegal pedo mpegs short fast bursts, covering Frank's cock and stomach with its white free pedo sex site sticky cream. Their lust satisfied and the spunky evidence all around them Frank and Paul exchanged a conspiratorial smile."Thanks, Frank. That was wonderful", Paul whispered to the young teenager.Frank nodded his own thanks and appreciation in reply. However, both the teacher and the pupil realised they could not linger and Paul indicated that they should clean up and leave as quickly as possible. When they were both respectable again, Paul cautiously opened the door to the bathroom, checked all was clear and ushered Frank out. Paul indicated that Frank should leave by a small entrance that was close to the bathroom and waited until Frank was safely out of the door chill pedo before following the horny pupil into the safety of the school grounds.Frank went home straight away and went up to his room and lay on the bed. As he did so he unzipped his trousers and felt his hardening cock through his underwear. Frank went to the bathroom and enjoyed a second, slower wank, fantasising about pedo photo nudists how it would feel if Paul had put his mouth on his cock and sucked him off. Frank was determined to find out!!Paul had also gone extreme pedo illegal sex straight home but pedo sample was illegal pedo foruns rather more concerned. He was determined that this would be a one-off. He had too much to lose and could not afford to make a mistake so early in his career. However, as the evening wore on his mind kept returning to the beautiful moments he and porno kids russian pedophilia Frank had shared. The boy had been willing and he was certain might be willing to go much further provided he did not get cold feet. On the other hand, Paul knew that to pursue a relationship with a pupil was almost bound to be discovered and would be professional freesex pedofilia suicide. Paul spent a sleepless night wrestling pedo thai girls with his conscience and his desire. By morning his resolve was firm: he would not see Frank again.Next morning girl pedo at break time, Paul saw Frank walking with some of his friends around the school field. As they passed each other Frank caught Paul's eye and a twinkling moment of recognition passed between fuck pedophilia sex them and frank also gave an almost imperceptible nod of his head. At that moment Paul knew that he would return to the old science building that evening and that when he did so Frank would be waiting for him. So it was that that evening and for several more Frank and Paul met secretly in the small bathroom and gave each other sexual satisfaction. Paul wanted to taste Frank's cock and eat his cum but he realised that the room they currently used for their assignations was too small and cramped to do it properly. If he could only get Frank to his flat alone but that would be even more dangerous than what he was already doing. Frank too wanted more from the relationship with Paul. He loved wanking his teacher off and being wanked off by his teacher but he wanted to explore more things and be sucked off as well. Despite their desire to advance their relationship, neither Paul nor Frank mentioned their growing frustration to the other.About ten days after he had started his relationship with frank, Paul was sitting in the staff room at the start of the day. Andrew Marshall, the Head of Foreign Languages at the school, walked over towards him, tapped him on the shoulder little virgin pedo porn and said,"May I have a word with you, Paul? In private."The colour drained from Paul's face as the thought that his relationship with Frank had been discovered and that he was about to be exposed and disgraced. However, he managed to control himself long enough to stand up and walk slowly into a small side room. Once inside, Andrew Marshall closed the door and began to speak,"As you know we have child pedo pics two good French sets this year but I've noticed that one or two of the boys do not speak very well in conversation classes. I thought a few could do with extra coaching, say once or twice a week after school. I also thought it would do them good if I took your weaker boys pedo top dark and you took mine. What do you think?"Paul stared back at Andrew for a moment before responding hesitantly," think it's pedo photo links a great idea. Yes! I'd be happy to help. I've got a couple of weak boys in my group.""That's settled, then!", replied Andrew, "Let's meet at lunchtime with our chosen boys and fix up the arrangements."Paul knew that Frank was strong on written French but weak in spoken language and hoped that he would be chosen as one of Andrew's weaker ones for Paul to coach. Even if not, the proposal could lead to Paul offering similar coaching to other boys including Frank. Paul need not have worried because at lunchtime Andrew appeared with Frank and another boy. The Head of Foreign Languages explained what he had in mind anime child 3d pedo and the four boys seemed happy to agree that it was a good idea to improve their spoken French. So it was that Paul swapped Andrew's boys for the two he had brought. Paul found reaching agreement with the vides pedo first boy easy but signalled to Frank not to take the same times as that way they could be alone in his flat. Frank picked up the signal and eventually the days and times were arranged.The day of Frank's first French coaching session dragged slowly but eventually the end of the school day was reached and Frank knocked on the staff room door. Paul opened the door and asked Frank to wait a moment - he did not wish to seem too eager in front of his colleagues - and then after a brief pause he walked out of pedosex jpg the building and towards the school gates with Frank walking beside him. Paul lived very close to the school and the pair were soon at his flat door. Paul opened the door and they walked in. As soon as the door was closed Paul reached out and gave Frank's already half hard cock a friendly squeeze and then led the teenager through to the back room. Once inside the room the teacher and the pupil wasted no time in getting their clothes off and for the free pedo art free movie pedofilia very first time they were both completely naked in front of each other. Paul naked little pedo girls was determined to suck Frank off and as they moved closer together and squashed their cocks against each other, the teacher began to lick slowly and sensuously down Frank's smooth teenage body. The feeling was so intense that Frank hoped that Paul was going to go on licking him for ever, but as Paul slowly pushed their bodies apart, Frank realised that his desire to be sucked off was about to come true.Paul licked down past Frank's belly illegal pedo free movie button and down his smooth stomach and then skirted the pubic hairs and licked down the inside of Frank's thighs. Frank moaned and cried with pleasure as the rough tongue slid around towards his balls. Paul licked the teenager's cum laden ball sack and then began to slowly move his lips up the silky soft shaft until he reached the bulbous head. Frank's foreskin had rolled a little way back but still covered much of his free pedo pix pink glans. Paul used his lips and pedo dad fuck tongue to roll the skin off the head completely and lube up the head with saliva and pre-cum. Rank had never experienced anything like this in his life before and knew that he would soon lose control. Paul knew this too but pressed pedo incest under child on anxious to receive a full creamy mouthful of the horny teenager's spunk. Paul's tongue found the sensitive spot where the skin of the foreskin joins the head of the cock and began to tease it, running his mouth round in little circles and forcing squeals of delight from Frank. Frank could feel his balls begin to rise and knew that he would soon be firing his teenage cum; Paul felt the shaft begin to expand and moved his horny pedo sexy mouth so that the whole of the exposed head of Frank's cock disappeared pedo lover inside. Paul licked the angry piss slit and held onto the head with his lips. Frank was cumming but he was not sure what to do and thought he ought to pull his cock out of Paul's mouth before his spunked up. Frank shouted that he was cumming and tried to remove his cock but Paul held it firmly between his lips and Frank gave up the struggle. The moment Frank relaxed was the moment the torrent of cum shot out of his piss slit and directly onto Paul's tongue and down his throat. Paul sucked every last drop from the pupil's illegal underground galleries pedo throbbing cock but before he swallowed the last drops he opened his mouth so that frank could see the white spunk cream on his tongue. Paul put a small amount on his finger and offered it porn jpegs pedofilia to Frank who rather gingerly licked it into his mouth. To Paul the taste of the teenager's cum was delicious; to Frank who was kds pedo free pics tasting his own spunk for the first time the flavour was salty but OK. Paul ensured that Frank's cock was completely milked of all cum and his licked clean before allowing the softening sensitive glans to fall from his lips.While he rusian children pedo had been sucking Frank, Paul had been gently wanking his own cock but had not yet cum. Frank realised this and pushed his teacher back onto the floor and then lay forbidden pedo galleries down beside him. In his heart Frank wanted to put the teacher's cock in his mouth and pedofile videos free suck him off but he was intimidated by the size and by the fact that he had never ever sucked a pedo kiddy porno cock before. Paul had hoped that Frank would reciprocate but realised that the teenager was probably a virgin at cock sucking and decided against forcing the issue. Frank lay down and pedo clip rested his head on portal pedo kids Paul's chest only inches away from the head of his teacher's cock. Frank gently began to pedochild photo wank the hard shaft, pulling the teacher's foreskin right off the head and back over it as he increased his speed. Paul was already worked up by the experiencing of swallowing all Frank's hot teenage cream and required little extra encouragement to spill his own cum. Frank recognised the signs as Paul's breathing became harsher and his shaft throbbed. Paul was very close now and as Frank's hand worked its magic on his cock and brought his balls to boiling point he struggled to maintain control. Knowing that Paul was about to cum Frank edged slightly closer and as the cum shot from xxx pedo x his teacher's piss slit it landed on his face and neck. Frank tentatively put out his tongue and licked a small amount of his teacher's jizz into his mouth. Paul's cum tasted different from Frank's own but Frank still thought it was OK. Both he and Paul knew at that moment that next time Frank would suck his teacher off properly. Indeed this happened the very next day when Frank was allowed to pop round after school for an 'extra' coaching session.The next landmark was the school trip to France which was due just before the end of term. This was a highlight of the year for pupils and teachers and the idea was that the four pupils having extra coaching would be able to pedo hentai xxx speak well enough to play a leading role. Frank was making great strides with his language as well as with his sex education. Although they always found time for at least a wank, most evenings the pupil and teacher managed a sixty-nine as well as additional French conversation. Paul had even managed to persuade Frank to allow him to probe his teenage lover's back passage with his fingers whiles sucking his dick. However, Frank was unwilling to allow Paul to fuck him and Paul decided that as with the previous advances in their relationship they should move at Frank's kids pedo cp pace. What pedo kdz stories they both secretly wanted was to spend the nigh together and have time to explore each other to the full.Fate once again intervened when Andrew Marshall again asked Paul to do him a favour. In the staff room few days before the French trip, Andrew took Paul on one side illegal black pedo and said,"As you know foto pedo child sex young Frank McAdam lives some distance from the school and we leave on the morning of the French trip before the first bus arrives. I was wondering - and please say no if it is not possible or is inconvenient galleries pedo - I pedo girls 14 was wondering if he could stay with you for the night. porno pedos I would put him up myself but all the family are home at the moment and there isn't a spare bed in the house. What do you say - can you put him up, I'd be eternally grateful if you could?"Paul tried hard to control his emotions and did so with difficulty. He looked at Andrew and replied slowly,"Yes that would be fine, Andrew. I don't have a spare room a such but he should bring a sleeping bag and sleep on my sofa bed. It's quite comfortable.""Very good, Paul', replied Andrew, "I'll ring the McAdams and let them know."The days rolled round to the night before the French trip and Frank arrived in school with a sleeping bag and overnight things. Paul and he were both excited at the prospect of spending the night together, and with official sanction from the school!! Paul had prepared for the evening - he had found an old porno video which he planned they would watch together while eating a pizza. Paul expected that would lead to at least child pedo incest hardcore one oral session and then they would go to bed and caress, cuddle and have sex again before they went to sleep. Frank was also excited about his night at Paul's and had refrained from having a morning wank.As soon as school finished Paul waited for Frank to come to the staff room and then they walked back to his flat. Paul told Frank that he had ordered a pizza and that they could relax in the lounge waiting for it to pedo gay porn arrive. Paul asked Frank to get a drink for them both and 3d pedo toons a few minutes later the pizza arrived. When they had almost finished eating Paul pressed the video button and the porno film started up. It was not particularly good but it created the right mood and very soon it was forgotten as pupil kinder sexs pedo and teacher, now both naked, began to lick and suck each other's bodies. Paul had taught Frank how to nibble his tits with his teeth and the teenager adored starting no cum pedo pics off with this before slowly drawing his tongue and lips down to cp kdz pedoland his teacher's engorged cock head. Paul preferred to tease Frank's erect nipples with his tongue and to lick and suck his way down the body until he, too, was able to swallow the teenager's hard pole. Paul had managed to teach Frank more self control and now their mutual oral sessions lasted much longer than the first few occasions. Little was said between the two but the noise of sucking and sighing filled the air as each sought to impart the maximum pleasure onto the other. top list pedo Unlike the first few occasions they did not warn each other of their impending free pedo video clips orgasm - pedo underground sex child they each sensed when the time was right and the spunk was about to fill their mouths and throats. That evening Paul shot his load first but was only part way through delivering his creamy tribute when Frank began to shoot his teenage cream into his teacher's welcoming mouth.The evening was a warm one and their exertions had taken their toll so Frank and Paul decided to retire to bed early. They lay naked, side-by-side in Paul's bed happy in each other's company and dozing off from time to time. Paul was asleep when he was aware of something strange happening: someone was rubbing some greasy substance onto his half-hard cock. As he came to Paul realised that Frank's hand was covered in lubing cream and the horny teenager was applying a liberal quantity to his teacher's cock. Frank grinned at his teacher and said,"I know you've wanted to fuck pedo kiddy gay teens me for some time. Well as a 'thank you' for letting me stay. I want you to fuck me tonight.!!"Paul looked back at his young pupil and said,"You know I want to! But only if you are sure about this. If you want to stop, please say so, I won't be upset!"Frank continued to apply grease to Paul's now hard cock and then turned round to show incest girl pedo his teacher the shiny arse hole that he had already liberally coated with lube. Paul took some lube himself and began to work his fingers towards Frank's greasy hole. He inserted one schoolgirls hard fucked pedo and Frank gave out a little whimper but continued to apply himself to preparing Paul's cock. Soon Paul had a second finger inside his pupil's hole and he gradually widened the opening to prepare the teenager for the impalement that was to occur. Frank decided he was ready and lay back on the bed and watched as Paul slowly aligned his cock and moved it towards his teenage pupil's virgin hole. Aware that the first entry of the head of his dick would be the most painful part of all, Paul pushed as gently as he could into the entrance. Frank felt the pain and gave a little cry but indicated that he wished Paul to continue. Soon free pedo nudist the whole of Paul's cock head was inside the teenager's hole and Paul smiled down as he paused to allow them both to adjust to russian pedo porno their new connection. Assured that frank was OK Paul resumed his invasion of Frank's insides and inched in until at last he felt his balls slap against his pupils beautiful, soft rounded arse cheeks. Frank felt his teachers balls hit his bum cheeks and realised that he was now full impaled on Paul's dick. Again Paul paused for a few moments and Frank grinned up at his teacher as he began to withdraw his cock from the pupil's hole. Paul pulled out until only his cock head nasty child pedo porno was inside and then began to push forward again. Soon Paul had developed a steady in-out motion and Frank, beginning to enjoy the sensation was moving to push against the invading cock and squeezing the shaft with his arse muscles. xxx pedo vids Frank could pedo real jpg feel Paul's cock as it ploughed its way in and out of his hole and his own cock twitched and throbbed every time the teacher's cock struck the pupil's prostate. Paul loved the sensation of fucking Frank's tight hole and wanted it to go on for ever but knew that it wouldn't. The familiar feeling began to develop in his balls and he increased the speed of his thrusting and grabbed hold of Frank's cock and wanked it in time to his own fuck action. Frank knew that Paul was cumming and he shouted out encouragement,"Oh yes Paul Fuck me!! Fuck my tight teenage virgin arse!! Fill me with your teacher spunk!! pedophile fuck I'm going to cum too very soon!!"Paul stopped fucking his cock lay still for a second and then pulsated wildly as delivered a large load of cum straight into Frank's bowels. Frank felt the warm spunk as it came out of his teacher's cock and made his inside all wet and sticky. This was enough to release Frank's own cum and his cock jerked free from Paul's hand and twitched uncontrollably as it fired round after round of teenage jizz over the pair of them. Finally Frank's orgasm subsided and Paul's cock began to soften and slip out of the teenager's arse. Paul slumped down beside his pupil lover and smiled at him,"Thank you Frank. That was wonderful!!""It was awesome for me too!! Thank you for being so gentle pedo dolls with me!!""I don't know about you but I need to get some sleep I'm knackered!!""So am I! Good night Paul!""Goodnight Frank and thanks again!!"Within minutes still cuddled together Paul and Frank were asleep. It was Paul who awoke first on the following morning. It was light but still early as Paul gazed down at the sleeping teenager beside him. Paul's eyes travelled down the flawless slim body and finally rested on Frank's beautiful cock, soft and curled up, the glans completely covered by the protective foreskin. Paul leaned forward and began to lick the flaccid cock and it slowly began naked pedo gallery to come to life. Frank was still asleep but aware of something wet on his cock. Thinking it was a sex dream Frank slumbered on but slowly regained consciousness to see the his teacher's head bobbing up and down on the teenager's now rampant fuck pole. Paul became aware that Frank was now awake but continued with his oral ministrations and Frank began to groan and feel the tell tale signs of orgasm. Paul continued to suck and blow on Frank's dick until he was rewarded by a mouthful of the horny teenager's creamy cum. All the time he had been sucking Frank Paul had been wanking his child modles pedo nude own cock but once had received his delivery of teen spunk he paused. Paul moved up and opened his mouth and pushed his cum covered tongue into Frank's mouth. Frank licked the cum from Paul's tongue and reached down and grasped his teacher's cock and wanked it until he felt the wet sticky cream shoot out and cover his hands. Frank brought russian pedo forum his cum covered hand to his lips and licked most into his mouth nubile pedo boys before offering the last remains to Paul.As they lay back again, Frank grinned and said,"What a wonderful way to start the day!! Thanks, Paul!!""My pleasure", replied Paul, "but we can't linger much longer we need to be up to go to France in about ten more minutes."Tempting though it was to fill the ten minutes with more sex fun the pupil and teacher both refrained from such an attractive possibility.The school trip to France was a great success and Andrew commented on how much Frank's spoken French had improved. However the coach was late back from France and Frank had to pedo pics young girls stay the night at Paul's once more. This time Frank got to shove his hard teenage cock up Paul's willing arse but afterwards told his pedophilia incest pic teacher that he preferred to be on the receiving end. Paul naturally obliged later rcp pedo that night. Both Frank and Paul realised that this would probably be their last opportunity for sex together before the long summer holiday. Nevertheless they did manage to sneak galleries pedophilia a few meetings over the summer and resumed their regular sessions in the coming year. During the year the pair had discussed other people in the school with who they would like pedo top 50 thumbs to have sex and both had mentioned Chris and Nick but had found no opportunity to put their wishes into effect.Frank made great progress in French and gained a good examination top boy pedo sites result. Frank chose French as one world pedo of his A-Level subjects and had been round at Paul's to tell him when they had realised the time. Paul had told Frank to go into school by the top gate. That was when Frank had run into Nick. Paul had told Frank what to expect and how to behave and the plan had worked.As school that day ended Nick was not the only person watching the little kds pedo old science block building. Paul too was watching from the staff room and saw Frank and Nick enter. Paul quickly packed his bags and free pics for pedo hurried across the school towards the building. As he walked over, he passed Chris on his way to his music lesson."Good night, sir", Chris said politely."Oh goodnight, animated dreams pedophilia Chris", replied Paul.It was only later that Chris wondered why the teacher had called him by his first name but at the time it did not register. Paul was also too pre-occupied to think about what he said and moved round the back of the science building to observe. Paul saw Nick emerge from the small door and a few moments later Frank started up the steps. Paul moved out of the shadows and greeted Frank and knew at once that the plan had worked. Frank started to tell Paul about it but then agreed that it would be better said at Paul's flat. Paul led the way to the flat and felt his cock harden at the thought that very soon he would be getting 'sloppy seconds' from Frank. It had been a long time since Paul had enjoyed such a treat and he was looking forward to it immensely.To be continued.Hope you liked pedo chatrooms the story. If so, please let me know
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